Ways to Repair Your Own Cool Freezer

This info uses especially to the Samsung RS21 series of Fridge-freezers. These are the most prominent of the Samsung series of Side-by-Side fridge-freezers currently in operation in the UK today. The RS21 variety of designs has a common fault sign affecting the refrigerator section just. If, like several various other proprietors of this model, you are finding that the refrigerator is obtaining too warm, simply comply with these easy directions and within secs you will know the source of this fault. All versions of Samsung Fridge-freezers consisting of the RS21 variety have a creative self diagnosis center developed right into the control module of each home appliance. This self diagnosis facility is quickly accessed by making use of the control panel on the front of the freezer door. This panel consists of four switches and 2 different digital temperature level display screens.

Press the two leading switches of the control panel, holding them both down together for 8 secs. After the 8 secs, you will certainly hear a normal ‘pinging’ noise. Keep holding both buttons for one more second, then launch both buttons. Now look meticulously at the electronic refrigerator temperature display screen the right-hand set of numbers which is right away below both buttons that were being pressed. If there is a fault with the fridge area, you will certainly see that one of the lines that would usually comprise the number on the screen is blinking. As an instance of this, if the lowest straight one is flashing, it is suggesting that the refrigerator fan motor has actually stopped working.

 Typical Cool Freezer

The fault pointed out above is probably the most common one that occurs, and the mistake can be conveniently and securely fixed you without the requirement of a designer koel vriescombinatie klein. Extra components for these Samsung designs are offered at reasonable rates. If you find that a different line is recalling the electronic temperature level screen, it will mean that there is a different root cause of the mistake. If rather the fridge-freezer is damaged, one of lines of the digital temperature level display screen for the freezer the left-hand set of numbers will certainly be flashing. Once more, each specific line of the fridge-freezer electronic temperature level display represents a various freezer fault.

Please note that whenever the fridge-freezer has been disconnected from the electrical power supply, the self diagnosis info, discussed above, will certainly be erased. Do not fret however, simply connect it in once again and wait on the fault to show itself again. This usually happens within about twelve hours. Whenever you do this test, after a short time concerning thirty seconds the control panel will instantly appear of this self medical diagnosis mode and go back to the regular operation setting.

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